Environment - Quality Policy

Statement of environment - quality policy

S.C. CARBOCHIM S.A. leader in abrasive products design, manufacture and trade is looking to invigorate its image by the quality of offered products and attractive prices in order to satisfy the customer and other interested parties needs with a minimum impact on the environment. 

In this context CARBOCHIM S.A. commits itself , as follows:

To work according to customers needs that are correlated with product standard and with the legal requirements and regulations of safety products and in conformity with legal requirements and other requirements reference to the generated aspects of environment.

To continuously improve the product efficiency and the environment performances specially by adopting non polluting measures.

To fulfil these commitments we decided to implement and to certify a quality-environment integrated management system according to the SR EN ISO 9001:2015 and SR EN ISO 14001:2015 standards, the application field of this system being the entire range of activities, products and services carry on by CARBOCHIM company. 

Through this system we focused on the following management actions:

  • Identification and knowledge of the customers and other interested parties needs;
  • Declaration of quality as main principle of all organization activities , observing the principle" "do well first time and any time"
  • Improving the actual way of waste administrating that are generated in our activities and framing in the established limits for impurities that are evacuated in air and in the used water.
  • Minimizing the generated impact on environment by our products and processes trough an efficient use of power, raw materials and materials in all our activities.
  • Environment risk control and accidental pollution control
  • Staff training and motivation to be aware of " no matter your job is, you have a supplier and a customer" and staff participation at achievement of Environment Management Program and at applying of operational control measurements by communication and report at all levels.
  • Suppliers involving in observing the quality-environment policy so they know and observe our requirements regarding the products quality and the way of maintaining the control of environment significant aspects in CARBOCHIM 's location..

Knowing the duties I have, I assume the responsibility for establishing and allocation of necessary resources in order to maintain and continuously improve the integrated quality-environment management system according to stated policy. I delegate Ms. Alexandra PETRIC to be the management attorney for quality and environment , having the necessary authority to lead, to maintain and continuously improve the integrated quality-environment management system.


Ing. Viorel Popoviciu