About CARBOCHIM SA, Holder of the "cancellation administrative buildings, industrial and warehouse" located in Cluj-Napoca Piata 1 mai str. no.3, Cluj, announces the public concerned of the...

News from Carbochim

To support you SC CARBOCHIM SA offers various applications for different types of wire brushes (brushes with rod, wire bore brushes, cup brushes flex wire brush hand).

Thematic packages

Car market is in a continuous development as such is addressed by our company with professionalism and we welcome the offer you a complete package of abrasive auto services.

New Products - Carbide Cutters

Innovation in the field of abrasives: CARBOCHIM offers carbide cutters for metal and wood processing,offers for sale various sizes and types.

ISO140001 accreditation

We are pleased to announce that from May sc CARBOCHIM is certified according to EN 14001: 2005 - on the implementation of environmental management, demonstrating our company's concern for the...


Dear customers, We are also pleased to announce and to invite you at the international exhibition "kolnmesse practical world" to be held in March in Cologne CARBOCHIM location will be in...