Happy Birthday for CARBOCHIM!

1st of May 1949 is Carbochim established date. 65 years is the result of working activity and efforts of the peoples dedicated to the company development in a field unique in Romania- abrasives...

New products

Product: Flap wheel Code: LP4 200x30x25 AE gr. 320

Welding electrodes

We are pleased to announce the diversification of our trading with a new related product. esb50 welding electrodes - electrodes esr13 BSE-50 - Standard Basic electrodes en499 Basic welding electrodes...

AGA 27/28.04.2009

The Board of s.c.carbochim s.a. based in Cluj-Napoca, Piata 1 Mai str, No.3, at the request of the shareholder s.a. with mei roemenie en bulgarije n.v., completes the agenda of the...

Carbochim SA - Current report

Report date: 17.03.2009 Company Name: s.c.carbochim S.A Company headquarters: Cluj-Napoca, 1May market, No.3 Phone / fax: 0264437005/0264437026 Unique code: 201535 ro Registered business number:...

Preliminary financial information - 2008

subscribed capital paid = 9,705,998.00; total equity = 61,774,015.00;

Financial Calendar 2009

To, Bucharest Stock Exchange We communicate our proposal for the 2009 calendar:


About CARBOCHIM SA, Holder of the "cancellation administrative buildings, industrial and warehouse" located in Cluj-Napoca Piata 1 mai str. no.3, Cluj, announces the public concerned of the...

News from Carbochim

To support you SC CARBOCHIM SA offers various applications for different types of wire brushes (brushes with rod, wire bore brushes, cup brushes flex wire brush hand).